Boris Johnson Makes False Statement About The Labour Leaders To Deflect Russia Row Grilling

By Ashley Fowler | LATEST NEWS

Jul 29

I stood up and condemned what occurred in Salisbury, and I supported that the then-Prime Minister on record.

Pre-prepared gags on flip flops. This is the prior columnist who wrote two versions of every article he ever published.

Put his own personal and party interests ahead of the national security of our country.

However, in a bid to deflect questions about the report, Mr. Johnson lashed out at the Labour leader.

Moscow’s efforts to meddle with the UK’s political system, influence decision-makers and seek kompromat to damage their opponents.

At PMQs, And it involves an intelligence-led evaluation and reports into attempts to meddle in the Brexit referendum.

During Labour MP Ben Bradshaw went on to accuse the PM of obstructing the accounts and attempting to fix the committee.

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