Greece Is Likely Helping The Economy With Port Sales

By Steve Clark | ECONOMY

Jul 25

Another key project is the DEPA Commercial and DEPA Infrastructure gas operations’ sale this season.

The development of the ports will bring growth since they have significant operational potential.

The Port of Piraeus, Greece’s largest harbor, has become the Mediterranean’s top container-handling interface Lambiris explained.

Such as the import of natural gas as LNG either or to Greece, while DEPA Infrastructure conducts gasoline distribution.

The development of natural gas import and storage capacity is another potential source of expansion.

Of vents that are regional help and to strengthen its standing raise an economy reeling from the coronavirus.

Group Ltd purchased a vast majority stake in 2014. Greece completed the purchase of a 67% stake in Thessaloniki Port, the second-largest.

Using the privatization program for the support of the public well.

Its unemployment rate is still the greatest in Europe.

Athens-based think tank the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research revealed that privatization boosted.

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