How Coronavirus Has Changed The Politics

By Elisha Reynolds | LATEST NEWS

Jul 28

The COVID-19 pandemic has considerably disrupted life, such as elections and campaigning. As polls and campaign momentum change day today and the nation reckons following the killing of George Floyd with racism, candidates are increasingly finding themselves in uncharted waters.

The November election is just four weeks away. If the instability, unpredictability, and anxiety of the year indicate what is to come, the lead-up into the election will probably be an unprecedented time in politics.

Governance Studies at Brookings hosted a webinar examining the 2020 election landscape. Panelists discussed the presidential effort post-primaries, congressional and gubernatorial races, what to look for throughout the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and the campaign strategies candidates are currently using to achieve voters throughout the pandemic that was coronavirus.

We used those answers to notify policy-focused voter guides to the Democratic Party presidential race in March and July primaries for the Democratic Party U.S. Senate nomination along with the Republican nomination in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

After the coronavirus upended the Maine market and almost all of our lives now, we’re asking again. Title or contact you without permission.

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