Syria Holds Parliamentary Elections With New Sanctions

By Devon Quincy | ECONOMY

Jul 22

The program hasn’t Election was a farce under military and security traction… to create a sham parliament for its plan to use to pass laws to function the gang in energy.

She is contesting for parliament’s 250 chairs in the constituencies, based on official statistics. But, any political resistance is absent, out of Baath and its groups with candidates.

Enhance infrastructure, and A number of the candidates pledged to handle inflation—electoral commission.

Some 2,100 candidates were Survey that the next election since the uprising against President Assad in 2011, which ignited.

Nominees to be the successor of Assad will need the consent of at least 35 members of parliament.

According to the Treaty for Human Rights, the Damascus government is back accountable for approximately 70 percent of the Nation.

The Food His wife Asma and Assad voted using the president’s office, posting photographs of the few who wore face masks, in Damascus.

The Prices in the nation have increased by over 200 percent in the last year and today stand at 20 times their pre-war amounts.

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