The US Economy Might Repeat The history

By Steve Clark | ECONOMY

Jul 23

There is a limit to just how many parents will have the ability to go back to work.

Birth immigration and rates are in decline, limiting the increase in the supply of new employees.

Since February, the number of people in the workforce older than 55 has fallen by just one million.

His economic plan is getting bolder. Until inflation emerges, the Federal Reserve can be pledging to keep monetary policy loose.

That suggests the economy will require reforms that increase supply in healthcare, and housing, the labor market, and childcare.

This probably would reduce housing affordability in smaller metro regions and inland.

Moreover, with fewer workers in the home building industry than before the crisis, rising costs and delays would plague the building.

Have to plan for the sorts—catastrophic lesson on shortages in health care and childcare.

Rural communities and hospital closures have fought, restricting residents of these communities’ ability to get care.

It got an unwelcome preview of how this could perform from coastal urban housing markets – at least before the coronavirus pandemic.

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