Razer Reveals Smart Glasses With Built-In Audio
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Razer Reveals Smart Glasses With Built-In Audio

Razer Reveals Smart Glasses With Built-In Audio

Razer Reveals Smart Glasses With Built-In Audio

Last evening, Razer introduced the Anzu eyeglasses, the Brand’s smart eyeglasses with built-in speakers which play audio via the consumer’s temples. The glasses also incorporate a microphone and shallow latency sound Bluetooth and signature controls to change tunes, control the volume, answer calls, and utilize the voice helper. The glasses come in sizes small/medium or medium/large, in round or square frames, and blue light or UV light shade. The Anzu smart eyeglasses were published at the cost of $199.99, which makes them some of their cheapest alternatives regarding smart eyeglasses.

Razer Isn’t the first manufacturer to launch wise eyeglasses. Bose’s sunglasses were introduced in 2018, and the final year, the brand published the third set by the end of the year. The eyeglasses are available for sale on Amazon for $250. Though Bose hasn’t had much competition for smart sunglasses, Razer might only change that using the Anzu eyeglasses that provide a less earthy design for $50 less.

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When in use, the Anzu glasses may last for as much as five hours. On the other hand, the battery could last for times once the glasses are folded and stored on standby. Razer’s smart eyeglasses are also water-resistant so that they can withstand mild rain or perspiration. Asides from the eyeglasses, Razer is looking to provide different kinds of tech-infused wear, such as Project Hazel Masks that are yet to be published but guarantee to be an advanced spin on masks ideal for pandemic occasions.

Though the Anzu Eyeglasses appear promising and supply a blue light filtering feature that isn’t provided by its rivals, Razer still wants to show that its product will outperform different manufacturers and continue to provide high-quality products. Bose’s eyeglasses focus largely on sound and, even when it has to do with a system that needs to contend with ambient noise in any way at times, it’s a quality that may not be dismissed. Other smart eyeglasses, such as Amazon’s, provide Alexa connectivity that might significantly perk for many users.

On the other hand, Razer Provides a 15% reduction through its spouse Lensable for customers who want prescription glasses. This means that users can get prescription lenses to get their Anzu eyeglasses, so visibility doesn’t need to be sacrificed for the interest of the other advantages of their wise eyeglasses. The Anzu eyeglasses are being marketed through Razer’s official page, but, regrettably, Razer’s Anzu eyeglasses were sold out almost instantly, and Razer hasn’t disclosed when there’ll be re-stocked. Razer will probably announce more about the Anzu eyeglasses and the remainder of its goods in the forthcoming DevCon occasion.

Razer Reveals Smart Glasses With Built-In Audio
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