Valheim: How to Craft Artisan Table and What It's For
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Valheim: How to Craft Artisan Table and What It’s For

Valheim: How to Craft Artisan Table and What It's For

Valheim: How to Craft Artisan Table and What It’s For

In Valheim, players Should Collect materials To update their houses, armor, and own weapons. Later in the match, players choose to produce an Artisan table, but is it worth making?
Earning an Artisan Table

To earn an Artisan Table, players should first have defeated the Mountain Biome manager at Valheim named Moder. She’s a frosty dragon that breathes ice at gamers, freezing them in place and doing substantial damage. But when players have conquered, they’ll get two items: the Moder decoration head to hang at the spawning circle in the middle of this map and something is known as a Dragon Tear.

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Two of the Dragon Tears have been required to generate the Artisan Table; mercifully, Moder will fall ten of them every time she’s defeated. Players may also need ten fundamental wood. No more Valheim Core Wood or Fine Wood required for this particular table. Once it’s finished, players will have many different new items to build to their own houses.

Things to Produce Using the Artisan Table

3 recipes open for gamers as soon as they’ve made an Artisan Table: a Spinning wheel, a Windmill, and a Blast furnace. Building every one of them opens up much more recipes for gamers to earn new substances for themselves. These also open the very best food recipes at Valheim too.
Spinning Wheel

The rotation wheel is used to make Linen. Players may put rosemary to the wheel, and it’ll churn out sheet materials that are employed in an assortment of weapons, armor, and gear. With flax made into yarn, which may be found at the Plains, gamers may subsequently make:

  • Black metal their
  • Black metal Twist
  • Black metal knife
  • Black metal sword That’s among those greatest firearms in Valheim.
  • Linen cape
  • Padded cuirass
  • Padded greaves
  • Padded helmet
  • Porcupine


The windmill is largely Used to earn Barley flour from Barely, which may only be grown from the Plains. While windmills only function when the wind is blowing, the bread that gamers get from it’s well-worth any effort required to construct one. Using Barley flour, players can create:

  • Blood pudding – Health 90, Stamina 50, Duration 2400 minutes, 4HP/tick
  • Bread – Health 40, Stamina 70, Duration 1800 minutes, 2HP/tick
  • Fish packs – Health 60, Stamina 90, Duration 2400 minutes, 4HP/tick
  • Lox meat pie – Health 80, Stamina 80, Duration 2400 seconds, 4HP/tick

Blast Furnace

Like the smelter that may smelt aluminum, tin, and iron at Valheim, Players may produce the blast furnace to smelt Black metal and Fullmetal. It Can be fueled by coal, the same as the normal smelter. While Black metal May be utilized to produce things such as the Black metal their, ax, knife, and Sword, Flametal, which may only be mined from the Ashlands, doesn’t possess a Use in the sport as of this present edition. The Ashlands will be Future content from Valheim exactly enjoy the Deep North and Mistlands. However, they’re not yet finished in the time of this writing.


Valheim: How to Craft Artisan Table and What It’s For
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