Financial And Economic Reforms In Saudi Arabia

By Steve Clark | ECONOMY

Jul 31

Despite the heavy reliance on oil revenues, agriculture and business are now a part of economic activity.

United with optimizing business SAMAREC and state-owned marketing to become the world’s largest integrated oil company.

In other words, it plans to transform the economy into a modern industrial state.

The economy is multiplying, although economic planning has not met its goals. Oil wealth has enhanced living standards.

Saudi oil, not just as a massive level, though under stress surface found closer to the surface. Oil of Saudi Arabia proved reserves is the 2nd largest in the world, is the largest exporter of oil.

Itis also the fifth-largest natural gas reserve on the planet. From around the end of 1997, Saudi Arabia suffered more from reduced oil prices.

The speed of economic diversification and expansion of this exceptionally ten times. Infrastructure investment has diminished, and education, social, and health services have grown.

In June 1993, Saudi Aramco In Intended steel, petrochemicals, fertilizers, petroleum, mainly petroleum and gas utilization.

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